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                About Kaijie

                1)founded in 1993, 26 years of production, R & D, management experience.

                2)20 years of export experience, exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

                3)It covers an area of 35000 ㎡, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, more than 100 sets of automation equipment and more than 300 employees.

                Second, innovative R & D, high quality management, standard production team:

                1) Own professional R & D team: 20% of the annual output value is committed to new product research and development and product performance improvement.

                2) High level management team: more than 90% of the management of the company is university education level, strong understanding and management ability. Ensure the level of production, sales and after-sales service.

                3)  Production team: every employee carries on the pre-duty training and the strict examination passes before taking the post, Adhere to the rigorous and happy concept of production competition.

                Third, strict quality control system: the company has its own super strict quality control and testing system. In accordance with MPA, ISO9001, CQC and other standards, Adhere to the full inspection of raw materials, production supervision, full semi-finished product inspection, finished product sampling inspection and other inspection process, strictly ensure that unqualified products will never leave the factory.

                Fourth, main products, characteristic customization, solutions and other services:

                Produce all resin cutting wheels and grinding wheels ,with full size, full grits, 5 colors, different materials and appearance of a variety of products. applied to all industries involving metals and stone.

                Provide spot and custom products, to meet the custom needs of a variety of materials,

                provide a comprehensive cutting and grinding solutions, from cutting, grinding to surface polishing,

                Dynamic 1, the company took the lead in the thin cutting disc market 16 years ago, set off a new process reform and performance breakthrough. After 16 years, the company again achieved a breakthrough in process research and development in June 2019, and the test performance of thin cutting disc  products was tripled. This is welcome news for the entire industry market, especially for professional high-end users.

                Dynamic second, Flexible grinding disc is the company’s advantage product, has been leading for many years, with the world first-class brand, has been imitated, has never been surpassed. 2018 is a new research and development of super-soft flexible grinding wheel, represented by 7-inch super-soft flexible grinding wheel, elastic grade rose by two levels, giving users grinding and polishing process two-in-one high efficiency experience.

                Fifth, company concept and development direction:

                Kaijie Abrasives is constantly thinking and providing solutions for customers to improve efficiency and reduce comprehensive costs. It is committed to the development, production, sales and professional improvement of abrasive tools industry, and has long-term, in-depth cooperation and industry discussion with the five famous international brand abrasive tool companies, and the product has achieved the perfect combination of efficiency and performance-price ratio.

                All friends are welcome to join and improve together.